Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp 2015

Master the fundamentals in 2 weeks.

Accelerate your career for a lifetime.

Are you ready for a career in Finance?

  • Every year, New Constructs welcomes incoming analysts with an intensive, two-week training course. This summer, we are inviting students and professionals to apply for the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp, where they will be able to learn the same foundational material as our incoming analysts.

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

They're not.

According to a 2012 McKinsey Report, more than 50% of employers believe there are not enough qualified entry-level candidates.

At the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp, you will be trained alongside incoming analysts learning the same material and performing the same model valuation exercises.


But, you could be with training that is proven to bring results.

When millions of dollars can be won or lost on one calculation, firms are finding it essential that their new hires can tell the difference between a pivot table and a header row.

Wesley Hansen said such a course was vital when he switched to a career in finance.

“I had no clue how to use Excel, so it helped me get a job, no doubt,” said Mr. Hansen, who is now an equity analyst in California with the brokerage firm BMA Securities.

The New York Times, 2013


Update your skills to transform your career

The old adage to never stop learning should not just be a quote sitting next to your desk. The Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp is perfect for financial professionals looking to learn MBA and Masters of Finance material quickly and efficiently.


Are you ready to jumpstart your career?

  • Our curriculum was developed by former Wall Street analysts and is currently used to train incoming securities analysts. From Corporate Finance to M&A Modeling, this hands-on training program offers students a chance to develop a strong core set of financial skills and knowledge and professionals the opportunity to accelerate career growth.

The Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp Schedule

Day 1

Introduction to Value Investing & Economics-Based Modeling

Capital Markets Theory

Day 2

Advanced Capital Markets Theory

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Day 3

Advanced Corporate Finance

Introduction to Acquisitions

Day 4

Introduction to Valuation

Introduction to the Discounted Cash Flow Modeling

Day 5

Combining Value Investing with Valuation Modeling

Financial & Management Strategy

Day 6

Advanced Valuation Modeling

Accounting Statement Analysis

Day 7

Review of the Discounted Cash Flow Model

Building the Discounted Cash Flow Model

Day 8

Review topics in Capital Markets Theory

Review topics in Corporate Finance

Day 9

Review topics in Valuation & Modeling

Review topics in Financial & Management Strategy

Day 10

Strategies for Success

Final Exam

Are you ready ?

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Scholarships Available!

We are pleased to offer scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated academic success and a passion for finance. Scholarship award amounts will be disclosed in your acceptance, covering up to a third of the cost of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is a two-week intensive training program that offers students and professionals an opportunity at a crash course in finance. Students are trained alongside securities analysts, for whom the program was originally created. This is the inaugural year of the program, and as such, we will be continuing to update and improve the program experience over the coming months.

What does the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp cover?

The curriculum of the program was designed to provide incoming analysts a holistic education in finance, especially in financial analysis and valuation. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • Valuation Metrics and Techniques
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Comparables Modeling
  • Advanced Excel
  • and more...

What is the New Constructs Finance Institute? New Constructs Finance Institute is a new initiative developed by New Constructs, LLC to offer educational opportunities for people of all levels of financial backgrounds.

When is the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp? The bootcamp will take place July 6-17, 2015 in Brentwood, TN.

What is the cost of attendance? The Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp tuition is $3,000 for students and $5,000 for professionals. However, we do offer scholarships for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students that will cover up to a third of the cost of attendance.

How do I apply? If you wish to register for the Financial Analysis & Valuation Bootcamp, please click on the green 'Reserve Your Spot' button on this page.

What if I have more questions that are not answered in this list? Please contact