Below is video tour of our Gold membership.

Here are the video tours for Platinum membership and Pro membership.

We are an independent firm covering 3000 stocks, 400 ETFs and 7000 mutual funds. We specialize in deep forensic accounting and leverage technology to shine lights in the dark corners of corporate disclosures. Our goal is to provide clients with the best fundamental research in the business. To learn more about our offerings, take the video tour of our Gold membership below.

Here’s a summary of the Gold membership offerings (more details here):

  1. “My Portfolio” tracking
    1. Allows you to build and track your portfolio (up to 25 tickers), get alerted to ratings changes, and access investment reports on each holding.
  2. Stock, ETF, and mutual fund screeners
    1. Can be used to find investment opportunities ranked by different metrics like ROIC, FCF Yield, PEBV, and GAP and by sector or index.
  3. Monthly Most Attractive Stocks and Most Dangerous Stocks Model Portfolios
    1. These monthly portfolios have a healthy track record of outperformance.
  4. Access to all our Long Ideas
  5. All our free resources
    1. Including our Education section, general market commentary, and Danger Zone

Ready to start your Gold membership? Click here to sign up today.

Looking for more in depth access to our research tools? See the benefits of the Platinum membership here.

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    5 replies to "Gold Membership Video Tour"


      seems interesting


      same thing, sounds kool and very useful


      Does your system track warrants? My scottrade account is all warrants.


      What good is this Scottrade service if you can’t view your model portfolios or changes to them?

    • David Trainer

      Hi Dennis:
      Thanks for your note.
      Your free Gold membership provides all the privileges and research detailed here:

      Note your free Gold membership gets you full access to our longest-standing and most popular model portfolios: the Most Attractive and the Most Dangerous Stocks. You also get research on 25 stocks, ETFs or mutual funds every quarter as well. Not bad for Free and a $558/yr value.
      True, however, that a Platinum subscription is required to access more model portfolios.

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