New Constructs has a strong reputation on Wall Street and with individual investors. We have been recognized for our analytical rigor (options, hidden debt, write-offs, red flags) as well as the stock-picking benefits of our hard work and analysis.

  1. The Danger Within” Barron’s ETF Focus (1/29/2011)
  2. The Footnote Fanatic” Forbes (1/9/2006)
  3. Watch Their Language And Red Flags In Financial Reports” Barron’s (8/31/09)
  4. Stock Options_Old Game, New Tricks” BusinessWeek (12/19/05)
  5. 3 Ways Companies Bury Debt” MSN (3/12/2008)
  6. Scrubbing Bubbles – Footnote Fanatic Part2” by Business Tennessee (Aug 2006)
  7. CNBC Interview featuring our unique focus on the Notes to Financial Statements (1/13/06)
  8. CNBC Interview featuring misleading nature of reported earnings (9/1/06)
  9. CNBC Interview highlighting our stock-picking record (9/8/06)
  10. Stock Sleuth Exposes Market Winners and Traps” MarketWatch (10/28/09)
  11. How The Brokers Stack Up” Barron’s (1/30/10)
  12. New Constructs Research Is a Buy” Integrity Research (3/17/10)

These news items are just a few highlights. There is more detail at

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