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With the top stock analysis software, you get unlimited research, valuation models, database access, and custom reports.

In today's day and age, stock selection and portfolio analysis are critical to growing your business. You need to guide your clients towards building the best portfolios possible. The better the guidance you provide, the easier it will be to keep assets – and grow assets.

At New Constructs, we provide you with the best fundamental research and portfolio analysis software. This service putsmore sophisticated models and signals at your fingertips. Consider being able to help your clients allocate assets more effectively based on utilizing top stock analysis software. With expert tools, a Robo-Analyst, and high-performing software powered by machine learning, we offer everything that you could hope for – and more.

Let us show you more about the software and how it can help you as an RIA.

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Why New Constructs is Unique

New Constructs differentiates its research by analyzing the financial statements, footnotes and MD&A in 10-Ks & 10-Qs for all companies under coverage. Powered by machine learning, our top stock analysis software does more than a human analyst ever could, unearthing details previously missed. Our patented system for reversing accounting distortion and determining the true value of companies enables us to unearth hidden gems and red flags buried in Financial Footnotes and Management Discussion & Analysis to make our models more reliable and accurate.

Our best stock analysis tool never asks you to take our word for it. Proof of the value of our research is in the performance of our stock picks as you can see in our Proof Is In Performance reports and in our stock-picking accolades from Barron’s, CNBC, Institutional Investor and etc.

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Trust the Research

You deserve something new and unique – and so do your clients. Financial statements are filled with accounting loopholes. By utilizing our stock research software, powered by machine learning, we help get at the true profitability of a company. You can take advantage of our research tools with educational modules such as video tutorials, white papers, and even webinars.

Footnote disclosures are often missed – and we dig through the details for you. This allows you to satisfy the Fiduciary Duty of Care, providing you with more confidence when you make a recommendation to your client. We are the only investment research provider with an approved U.S. Patent for a system designed to analyze financial information automatically to determine the true profitability of the company.

Harvard Business School conducted a case study to show the powerful impact of our Robo-Analyst and research automation technology.We're confident you're going to love our technology. You need to rely on research and signals from a provider that you can trust. Our top-rated software is just what you need to confidently steer your clients towards high-quality asset allocation.

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Miss Nothing with Our Robo-Analyst

The Robo-Analyst is truly unique in that it trains regularly with a database of 150,000 expert-parsed financial filings. This software provides you with more details than a human analyst alone could ever do. With our natural language processing technology, it also makes it easier to identify and analyze every data point found within an SEC filing. Additionally, our statistical and pattern matching engine interprets text based on all of the different disclosures of a company – and it isn't fooled by changes within the disclosures.

Expert Investment Research Tools

Our expert tools are unlike anything you have ever seen before. As an institutional investor, you will have access to unlimited research, database access, custom reports, valuation models, and more.

By tapping into our software, you can have research available to you on 7000+ mutual funds, 3000+ stocks, and 400+ ETFs. Track an unlimited number of tickers and get alerts on them whenever we update our models.

Take advantage of valuation models for over 3000 stocks, allowing you to see sophisticated models that have closed some of the accounting loopholes found in original SEC filings. By leveraging our DCF models, you can more precisely measure the impact of forecasts on the valuation of a stock.

If that's not enough, you will also be able to have database access and create custom reports along with custom calculations, all delivered by FTP server, API, or directly into your inbox. This allows you to download specific data points so that you can learn more about investments before you make them. Consider how this can help you with asset allocation and analyzing the portfolios of your clients.

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