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Our Platinum Membership makes the best stock investing software even better, providing you with the research, ratings, and tools you need to manage risk and make confident decisions about your investments. We specialize in deep forensic accounting and leverage technology to shine lights in the dark corners of corporate disclosures to give you an edge. Our goal is to provide clients with the best fundamental research in the business.

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Our Platinum Membership offers:

  • Everything in Gold, plus,
  • Enhanced screening on over 10,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, including screening by Investment rating.
  • Detailed research and tracking for up to 50 tickers in a portfolio with 50 changes per quarter.
  • Access more Model Portfolios including our Safest Dividend Yields, Executive Comp Aligned with ROIC, Dividend Growth Stocks, and Best & Worst ETFs and Mutual funds by sector and style.

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Machine learning makes the best stock investing software better, smarter, and faster than the competition. New Constructs offers more coverage with a focus on rigorous cash flow analysis than the competition. Our models are built on a data set that includes critical information from the footnotes and MD&A that other firms miss. We are totally transparent in our calculations and link all data back to the original SEC filings. We’re truly independent and don’t get paid by the companies or funds we cover.

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Value Investing 2.0

The value investing process is the DNA that runs through our reports and tools. Your investment in a best stock investing software helps you eliminate the need to spend hours doing research in 200+ page annual reports. Let our forensic accounting experts and cutting-edge technology do the hard thinking for you.

Your Platinum Membership does the stock market research for you, which means we place the companies you select into an easy to use My Portfolio tracking tool that gives you access to our detailed reports and clear ratings.

We make it easy for you to make confident decisions. In the long-run, the stocks you place and keep in your portfolio are a direct reflection of your commitment to grow and protect your money. Your future is closer than you think and every decision matters. You need to know if there is critical information buried in an obscure disclosure in an annual report. With New Constructs’ best stock investing software, you can rest assured that you can find it.

You will clearly understand why a report recommends to buy or sell based on our deep forensic research. The tools are comprehensive but easy to follow so your decisions are made with conviction.

Trust the Research

Value investing is a lot of work. You might be wondering if you really have the time and skill to do the analysis or pick winning stocks. If so, don’t worry – it is possible to be a successful value investor without being an accountant. All you need is the best stock investing software on the market.

gold-member-trust-graphicYou can feel confident in our research, here is the reason why.

New Constructs CEO David Trainer is a member of the Investor Advisory Committee that advises FASB, the Financial Accounting Standards Board. This means the ratings in your stock market research reports represent the newest standards of investment research.

This means as a Platinum Member you can find good companies, at the right price with investment research that is held to the highest standards. In the hands of a smart investor good research pays for itself. For the cost of dinner and a movie, you have access to institutional quality information.

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