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Professional Membership:
Reports, Ratings, Premium Screener & Investment Research

✅ All Access: Custom Portfolio Screening across Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETF's +

New Constructs All Access-Ratings, recommendations & full reports for: 3000 Stocks, 400 ETFs and 7000 Mutual Funds. Enter a ticker and immediately access our ratings and reports on the 10,000+ securities we cover. All updated daily

✅ Client Portfolio Management: Monitor your client holdings in cutom built portfolios.
Build 50 portfolios with up to 25 symbols for each per quarter.

Build relationships and grow assets under management. Earn your clients trust and the referral business takes your practice to another level. To be a trusted and knowledgeable advisor you need access to information your clients can't get from their broker. Picture a monthly communication that offers value and positions you as the advisor they can trust with their retirement.

✅ Company Valuation Models: Advanced Forecasting Tools and Charts +

Generate forecasting models to provide opportunities and alert your clients to to pending changes before they reach mainstream news. Map performance hurdles and historical performance against two custom built forecasts to produce ratings, financials, metrics and charts. Have immediate access to  discounted cash flow analysis, filings and weighted average cost of capital "wacc" to help your clients make smarter informed decisions. The benefit to you is hours of time saved to organize this exclusive information quickly which results in deeper and loyal client relationships.

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