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Should You Take a Bite Out of These Fast Casual IPOs?

With Americans and the market souring on traditional fast food restaurants, diners and Wall Street have turned to a new segment of the restaurant sector: so called “fast casual” restaurants. The apparent driver behind this segment’s growth — is that these businesses generally provide a fresher, higher quality, more expensive product than do traditional fast food joints.

With the runaway success of Chipotle (CMG), other fast casual restaurants have been clamoring for consumers’ and investors’ dollars. Wall Street has been all too eager to respond, and a number of fast casual restaurants have been taken public in the past year in an attempt to cash in on the gold rush. Many of them are billing themselves as “the next Chipotle” — but we’ll evaluate those claims to see if any of these stocks warrant your investment.

The ETFs That Hold the Very Best Stocks

At the beginning of each month, we publish a Most Attractive stocks list that lists the very best 20 large cap and 20 small cap stocks in the market at that time. This list has done pretty well for itself over time, and has generated annualized returns of 10% for our clients since its inception, compared to under 7% for the S&P 500 and Russell 2000.

We also talk a lot about how we leverage our stock rating expertise on over 3000 stocks and apply these ratings — along with our total annual costs diligence — to our ETF and mutual fund ratings. So wouldn’t it be great if you could marry these two products and get the ETFs that hold the very best stocks in the market?

Well now you can. The following is a list of the five ETFs (with over $100 million assets under management) that allocate the greatest percentage of their assets to the stocks on our Most Attractive list for May.

Best Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last week, we wrote about the riskiest stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We thought we’d be remiss to not mention our favorite stocks in the index as well. Not all of the blue chips are created equal, and the following are what we consider to be the most attractive investment opportunities in the Dow at the moment.