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We've distilled institutional-grade analysis into an accessible package to give you top-notch ratings and a user-friendly interface. You'll gain unique insights backed by prestigious institutions, used by leading hedge funds, and powered by cutting-edge machine learning. Try it now and let us simplify and enhance your investing process.

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Our Stock Tracker 50 Membership:

  • Get superior investment ratings on over 10,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.
  • Track daily changes in ratings for up to 50 tickers in your portfolio.
  • Simplify the complex world of fundamental analysis with just a few clicks.
  • Invest smarter with proven-superior analysis of footnotes.
  • Leverage cutting-edge machine learning to get the truth about earnings.

Machine learning makes our research better, smarter, and faster than the competition. We analyze more of the fine print to deliver more rigorous cash flow analysis than the competition. Our models and ratings are built on a more comprehensive and proven-superior data set. Other firms overlook critical information from the footnotes and MD&A that we catch. We’re truly independent and don’t get paid by the companies or funds we cover.

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Value Investing 2.0

The value investing process is the DNA that runs through our reports and tools. Your investment in the best stock investing software helps you save hundreds of hours needed to truly analyze 200+ page financial reports. Let our forensic accounting experts and cutting-edge technology do the hard thinking for you.

Your Stock Tracker 50 Membership does the fundamental research for you. We categorize 10,000+ stocks, ETFs and mutual funds into five Ratings that you can track using  your My Portfolio page.

We make it easy for you to make confident decisions. In the long-run, the stocks you place and keep in your portfolio are a direct reflection of your commitment to grow and protect your money. Your future is closer than you think, and every decision matters.

Stock Tracker 50 is a valuable tool for investors looking to gain insights and streamline their investment research. The tools are easy to use so your decisions are made with conviction.

Trust the Research

Value investing is a lot of work. You might wonder if you really have the time to do the analysis or pick winning stocks. If so, don’t worry – it is possible to be a successful value investor without being an accountant.


You can feel confident in our research and stock picking software… here’s why.

Our ratings and research are based on the best fundamental data in the world, as proven in The Journal of Financial Economics. Other highly respected institutions, like Harvard Business School and Ernst & Young, have written papers proving the superiority of our research and stock ratings as well.

This means as a Stock Tracker 50 Member you can find good companies at the right price with institutional quality investment research that is…finally…affordable.

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