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GAAP Opinion versus Economic Fact

Using critical information from the Financial Statements in 10Ks, 10Qs, and press releases and the Notes to Financial Statements, New Constructs accounting and finance experts translate reported GAAP financials into economic earnings analysis. This process requires expert knowledge and interpretation of accounting rules and economic principles. Here is a summary of footnotes adjustments and their impact.

Distinctions Between “Growth” and “Value” Investment Styles Are Irrelevant

Growth without profit (i.e. value) offers no investment merit. Conversely, value without growth offers little upside incentive for investing in any business. New Constructs’ methodology and tools encourage investors to incorporate an assessment of both the growth and value of businesses into their investment decision-making process.

Valuation 101

There is only one true way to value stocks (or any financial assets) – as has been stated by the top investing minds over the ages: The value of an asset equals the present value of the future cash flows available to the owner(s) of the asset.

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