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  • Portfolio Tracking
  • The total number of portfolios you can create.Portfolios
  • The maximum number of tickers you can track across all of your portfolios.Total Holdings
  • The number of additions or changes you can make to your portfolio each quarter.Updates per Quarter
  • Ratings & Research
  • See full details on our ratings for every ticker in your portfolio.Rating Details
  • Download our in-depth research report for every ticker in your portfolio.Research Reports
  • Get daily alerts on changes to our models for your holdings. Also get a weekly portfolios review email.Daily Email Alerts
  • Quickly look up our ratings and research on any ticker without adding it to your portfolio.Ratings Page
  • Full access to our detailed company models with a reconciliation of every calculation we make. Every data point is linked back to it's location in the original SEC document.Company Valuation Models
  • Screeners
  • Our stock screener allows you to quickly filter and rank the 3000+ stocks we cover. The ETF & mutual find screener provides the same powerful screening tool for 450+ ETFs and 7000+ mutual funds.Rank & Sort Results
  • Filter and rank stocks by price, market value, sector, and index. Filter and rank ETFs and mutual funds by type, price, sector, and style.Basic Filters
  • Filter and rank by Overall Rating.Filter by Rating
  • Filter and rank stocks by ROIC, FCF Yield, Price to EBV, and GAP. Filter and rank ETFs and mutual funds by assets, provider, initial minimum, and Total Annual Costs.Filter by Key Metrics
  • Model Portfolios
  • Updated monthly with the 40 Most Attractive Large Cap and Small Cap stocks.Most Attractive Stocks
  • Updated monthly with the 40 Most Dangerous Large Cap and Small Cap stocks.Most Dangerous Stocks
  • 15 Attractive-rated stocks where executive compensation is aligned with ROIC, updated monthly.Attractive Stocks where Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC
  • Quarterly models portfolios with the 5 best ETFs and mutual funds in all 10 sectors and 12 styles. Related lists of the worst ETFs & mutual funds in each category.Best & Worst ETFs & Mutual Funds by Sector & Style
  • Invest­ment Research
  • Detailed weekly report on a buy idea based on our forensic research.Long Ideas
  • Detailed weekly report and podcast on a sell/short idea based on our forensic research.The Danger Zone
  • Resources
  • 30+ whitepapers on accounting loopholes, definitions of all our metrics, and detailed rating methodologies.Education Center
  • Regular webinars on applied value investing with CEO David Trainer.Webinars