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Only our Robo-Analyst offers the data featured in HBS & MIT Sloan paper.

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Harvard Business School & MIT Sloan paper features our "novel dataset" of earnings adjustments and shows investors how to:

  • Measure & predict earnings more accurately

  • Lower risks of using misleading data from traditional firms

  • Generate Alpha

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I was not investing correctly before New Constructs — and my results have certainly improved ever since. If you look at how to value stocks — you look at Ben Graham and the way he thought about valuing companies. Who’s doing that kind of stuff now? It’s New Constructs.

Harold Naparst
Individual Investor

With HOLT and AFG, data from the financial statements isn’t nearly as complete as it is with New Constructs. The New Constructs approach is much more effective than other systems available on the market today.

John Healy
Institutional Investor

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