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The same superior data that drives our equity ratings drives our new credit ratings. See the difference that footnotes make in our adjusted version of traditional fixed income metrics.

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“The FinTech awards go to the companies with the most impressive technology, advancement and innovation who are building the future of financial services and capital markets.”
- Jason Raznick, CEO of Benzinga

Get the Core Earnings and Earnings Distortion data featured by Harvard Business School & MIT Sloan professors as superior to:

  • Compustat's Income Before Special Items

  • IBES' Street Earnings

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It [New Constructs] provides me with concise insights into investment opportunities derived from meaningful metrics that I couldn't duplicate on my own

David Marshall
Individual Investor

With HOLT and AFG, data from the financial statements isn’t nearly as complete as it is with New Constructs. The New Constructs approach is much more effective than other systems available on the market today.

John Healy
Institutional Investor

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