Total Assets to Adjusted Book Value (Invested Capital) Reconciliation

Total Assets (unadjusted)

- Excess Cash

- NIBCL (Non-Interest-Bearing Current Liabilities)

+ Total Reserves

- Total Reported Operating Lease Assets

+ Off-Balance-Sheet Operating Leases

- Unconsolidated Subsidiary Assets (non-operating)

- Total Discontinued Operations Assets

+ Accumulated Goodwill Amortization

+ Accumulated Asset Write-Downs After-Tax

+ Accumulated Unrecorded Goodwill

- Total Reported Deferred Tax Assets

- Hidden Deferred Tax Assets Less Current Deferred Tax Liabilities

- Total Reported Deferred Compensation Assets

- Hidden Deferred Compensation Assets Less Current Deferred Compensation Liabilities

- Over Funded Pensions

- Accumulated OCI (Other Comprehensive Income), Including Quarterly Estimates

= Adjusted Book Value (Invested Capital)

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