How To Find the Best Sector ETFs


Finding the best ETFs is an increasingly difficult task in a world with so many to choose from. How can you pick with so many choices available?

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SEC Plans for “Sweep” Focusing on Suitability of Advice


CEO David Trainer will explain how to be prepared for new regulations and avoid the ire of the SEC.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 27, 2015

Why is the SEC looking for more regulators?

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Rising Rates: Run for the Hills?


The real estate investment trust (REIT) segment of the Financials sector is often cited as troublesome, and even more so with the impending rise of interest rates. But not all companies are exposed to this risk.

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Ranked: Our Top 10 ETFs


The following is a list of our top 10 ETFs that have over $100 million in assets under management (AUM), and that are not leveraged.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 26, 2015

Is there pressure on the SEC to enact its new fiduciary standard proposal?

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Why We Put “The Next Chipotle” in the Danger Zone

el pollo loco

CEO David Trainer sat down for an interview with Chuck Jaffe of MoneyLife and to discuss our Danger Zone call for the week of March 23.

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Why the Fed’s Stress Test Isn’t a Stamp of Approval for Investors

stress test

In this podcast, CEO David Trainer will explain why many of the big banks will not be as good investments now as they have been in the past.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 25, 2015

What’s been the reaction to the SEC’s plan for new broker rules?

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Hedge Fund Holdings That May Surprise You


In this podcast, CEO David Trainer will give further thoughts on these 10 companies including their valuation in the current market.

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Give This Sporting Goods Stock Some Play in Your Portfolio


This week’s hot stock was a new addition to our Most Attractive Stocks List in March and earns our Very Attractive rating. This company has strong fundamentals and its stock is attractively valued.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 24, 2015

What is the SEC’s roadblock to enacting enhanced broker standards?

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Is This Restaurant the Next Chipotle?


We believe that investors who think this restaurant is going to become the next Chipotle are willfully ignoring the company’s history and its current growth track.

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30 New Stocks Added to Most Dangerous List for March


Our Most Dangerous Stocks (+1.9%) rose less than the S&P 500 (+2.0%) declined last month and outperformed as a short portfolio.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 23, 2015

What did Elizabeth Warren have to ask about President Obama’s proposal for broker and advisor reforms?

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19 Stocks Have Been Added to Our Most Attractive List in March


Find out how our Most Attractive picks for February did, and read about one of our favorite new additions to this month’s Most Attractive list.

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Important Items You’re Probably Leaving Out of Your Stock Valuations


Recently, we published a special report on the 10 companies with the biggest adjustments to their valuations across all of the adjustments we make to each company.
In this podcast, CEO David Trainer will explain some of these adjustments using the companies that we talked about in our report.

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What We’re Reading This Morning — March 20, 2015

Why is the SEC is joining the battle on broker bias that could remake the industry?

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Why We Make Our Adjustments to the Balance Sheet

balance sheet

In this podcast, CEO David Trainer will explain some of the adjustments we make to companies’ balance sheets through the lens of our recent report detailing the 11 companies with the biggest individual adjustments to their balance sheets.

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A Hidden Gem in the Insurance Industry


In some industries profits can be hit or miss from year to year, but efficiently operating in the insurance industry can create a profit machine year in and year out.

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