A New Paradigm For Fundamental Data

For 5,000+ U.S. Exchange-traded stocks, 700+ ETFs and 7,000+ mutual funds with history back to 1998.

Harvard Business School & MIT Sloan paper features our "novel dataset" of earnings adjustments and shows investors how to:

  • Measure & predict earnings more accurately

  • Lower risks of using misleading data from traditional firms

  • Generate Alpha

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Traditional Value Screens - with better data

Get better data for your models.




Return on Assets

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Enhanced Value Screens

Try our enhanced factors in place of traditional screens.

Reconciliation & Adjustments

See the adjustments that reconcile our Enhanced Value factors with traditional factors.

Reported Fundamental Data

Better data starts with getting the basics right.

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

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Investment Ratings

Overall and Component Risk/Reward Investment Ratings on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Ratings are updated daily.

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Economic Book Value Details

Get the data behind this calculation.

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ROIC – Variations

We empower clients to calculate ROIC however they wish - with the best possible data.

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