Origin of the Robo-Analyst

Machine learning to power the best stock analysis software (featured by Harvard Business School and Bloomberg) to save time, reduce risk, & invest smarter.

CEO David Trainer On Our Technology

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How Our Technology Works

  • 1 - Download Financial Filings

    A dedicated engine monitors SEC.gov for new filings – 10-Ks and 10-Qs. Thousands of documents are processed each day, scalable to tens of thousands.

    While we’re currently focused on SEC filings, our technology can process any kind of financial documents – from financial reports for privately held companies to press releases.

  • 2 - Automatically Identify & Collect Meaningful Data

    Trained on a database of 120,000+ human-verified filings built over more than a decade, our machine learning, natural language processing technology filters through the unstructured data in SEC filings to uncover and tag important data from anywhere – from the MD&A, Financial Statements, and the footnotes; from tables, paragraphs, or other text.

    Our advanced  stock analysis software doesn’t just collect data; it automatically builds a detailed company model based on cash flows and the real economics of the business, not the misleading reported GAAP earnings and non-GAAP numbers on which companies often focus.

  • 3 - Expert Analyst Validation

    Our team of expert analysts, empowered by over 500 automated data accuracy checks, validates the data and models. We let machines do the data collection work so that analysts can focus on new and unusual disclosures that give our clients an edge. By combining machine learning and human insight, our professional stock analysis software leaves no stone unturned.

    We’re dedicated to staying ahead of new disclosures and changes in reporting practices to keep our best stock analysis software as current as possible – our CEO David Trainer sits on the Investor Advisory Committee of FASB and our analyst team uses technology to track reporting and disclosure trends as they happen.

  • 4 - Ratings & Detailed Research

    Our website makes it easy to access our research on 3000+ stocks, 650+ ETFs, & 7000+ mutual funds.

    Users can track our ratings and research for tickers in a custom portfolio, follow one of our model portfolios, screen and sort on an array of metrics, and read our weekly long and short ideas.

    Our advanced stock analysis software may be smart, but we’ll never talk over your head. Our Education center explains every calculation we make. CEO David Trainer holds regular webinars on applied value investing.

  • 5 - Iteration & Process Control

    The best stock analysis software is designed to never stop improving. We’ve built something amazing and we’re always getting better. Our machine learning system is on its 6th major version and more improvements are underway.

    Our machine learning system immediately incorporates every human interaction, getting smarter with each new filing we add to the system.

    We’re dedicated to rigor, accuracy, and integrity and work hard every day on our professional stock analysis software and processes to make sure they are correct, repeatable, and reliable.

    Our customers use our data to make important investments decisions. We take our role in that process seriously.

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