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Professional-Grade Research: When Diligence Matters

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We provide RIAs, trusts & financial institutions with the best data, models, & research available in the marketplace. Use our unique investment research and suite of portfolio management tools to build, manage and grow your assets.

Our Professional and Institutional memberships give you the unique insights needed to outperform the competition.

Not a professional? We can help.

We understand that many of our followers might not be professionals or invest enough to afford our Professional membership. No problem - we still have an option for you.

We understand that all the nitty-gritty details that go into our proven-superior analytics might not be of interest to everyone. Not everyone wants to see every number in every model.

For most folks, knowing that The Journal of Financial Economics, Harvard Business School and Ernst & Young have signed off on the superiority of our research is enough.

Our Professional Membership is geared toward supporting investors who need to see the details on what we find in the footnotes and who want to screen our universe of 10,000+ securities to develop investing themes that meet specific criteria. It's for the rigorous investors who like digging into sophisticated models to gather data on lots of companies and form unique insights. Not everyone has time for that work or need for those details.

But, most everyone still wants to make decisions based on the best research, especially when it's proven superior by such prestigious institutions with sterling reputations.

Who wants to ignore important details and take unnecessary risk that might lead to losing lots of money? No one, of course.

So, we created the Stock Tracker 50 membership to give non-professional investors the ability to make fully informed decisions, too. Superior research should not be for just Wall Street insiders. Everyone deserves access to the truth about profitability and valuation. And, we at New Constructs, intend to make superior research available to all who want it.

The Stock Tracker 50 membership provides access to our ratings for 10,000+ securities and allows you to track and get email alerts on any 50 stocks, ETFs or mutual funds you choose.

This membership gives your the Overall rating and all the component ratings, just like our higher-priced memberships, but without all the details.

The Stock Tracker 50 is a great way to get started with New Constructs and give you the flexibility to use our research and get to know us better.

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How New Constructs Is Different

Financial statements are supposed to tell the story about how the company performed. But in reality, they do not.

As one of the top investment research firms in the U.S., we know that you need comprehensive information you can understand. Our goal is to help you make smart investment decisions by digging deeper into the numbers.

We publish unique investment research and offer a suite of portfolio management tools so you can build, manage and grow your assets. Together, we can improve your odds of success as we set the new standard for Investment Research.

We are the only Investment Research provider with a United States Patent for a system and method to reverse accounting distortion and analyze financial information to automatically determine the true profitability of a company, making us one of the top investment research firms in the nation.

What clients say about us...

It [New Constructs] provides me with concise insights into investment opportunities derived from meaningful metrics that I couldn't duplicate on my own

David Marshall
Individual Investor

With HOLT and AFG, data from the financial statements isn’t nearly as complete as it is with New Constructs. The New Constructs approach is much more effective than other systems available on the market today.

John Healy
Institutional Investor

Why You Need a New Kind of Investment Research

We all want to find the best stock research website, but what exactly does that mean? To us, it’s finding the information others often overlook.

Companies are required to disclose the potential impact of adopting new accounting regulations. Unfortunately, the disclosures are filled with legal jargon that may be difficult to find and impossible to translate.

This important information is often buried (legally) in the footnotes.

Finding and then understanding accounting disclosures gives you the ability to recognize early warning signs that can prevent poor decisions. Free or “boiler plate” investment research makes little effort to search and interpret the footnotes of items that may change your view of the company.

With the top investment research, we can help you find the information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.  We are an independent research firm which means our loyalty is to you, the investor. Together we can raise your odds of success with the new standard of investment research.

About CEO David Trainer

David Trainer is a Wall Street veteran and corporate finance expert. He specializes in reversing accounting distortions on the underlying economics of business performance and stock valuation. He was a member of FASB’s Investor Advisory Committee from 2013-2017 and is author of Modern Tools for Valuation (Wiley Finance 2010).

Prior to founding New Constructs in 2002, Mr. Trainer spent over 6 years as a stock analyst on Wall Street. In 1996, he joined Credit Suisse First Boston where he created an economic (as opposed to accounting)-based earnings model and brand for CSFB equity research. He spearheaded the effort to apply consistent economic earnings analysis (a.k.a. ‘EVA’) across all industries globally. In 1997, Mr. Trainer developed and managed the Value Dynamics Framework project, a separate business for CSFB across three continents.

In 1999, Mr. Trainer transitioned these skills into equity research coverage of the financial services sector for CSFB where he applied value-based analysis to consumer finance, asset management and broker-dealer firms and developed a proprietary framework that linked customer satisfaction to the valuation of credit card companies.

In November of 2000, Mr. Trainer joined Epoch Partners (acquired by Goldman Sachs in July 2001) where he covered the Customer Relationship Management Software industry. There, he developed a proprietary framework that quantified the ROI of Customer Relationship Management Software products. Prior to Wall Street, Mr. Trainer was an executive compensation consultant with Arthur Andersen. In 1994, Mr. Trainer earned his B.S. in International Business from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.

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