Many firms claim their research is superior, but none of them can prove it with independent studies from highly-respected institutions as we can.

Below, we present three studies that prove the unique value-add of our Robo-Analyst Technology and its ability to deliver proven-superior fundamental data, financial models, and investment ratings.

In addition, our stock picks consistently rank #1 and are regularly featured by the media.

See Earnings Distortion: The New Value Factor for details on how to monetize the idiosyncratic alpha in our proprietary data and research.

See the growing body of evidence that legacy data providers and research are flawed and unreliable: Lost In Standardization: Effects of Financial Statement Database Discrepancies and Do Managers Define Non-GAAP Earnings to Meet or Beat Analyst Forecasts?

  1. Best Fundamental Data in the World

The Journal of Financial Economics, a top peer-reviewed journal, proves how our Robo-Analyst technology overcomes material shortcomings in legacy data firms to provide superior fundamental data, earnings models, and research. More details.

Key quotes from the paper:

  • “[New Constructs’] Total Adjustments differs significantly from the items identified and excluded from Compustat’s adjusted earnings measures. For example… 50% to 70% of the variation in Total Adjustments is not explained by S&P Global’s (SPGI) Adjustments individually.” ­– pp. 14, 1st para.
  • “A final source of differences [between New Constructs’ and S&P Global’s data] is due to data collection oversights…we identified cases where Compustat did not collect information relating to firms’ income that is useful in assessing core earnings.” – pp. 16, 2nd para.

Learn more about the best fundamental research

2. Superior Financial Models

Ernst & Young features the superiority of our ROIC, NOPAT and Invested Capital research to Capital IQ & Bloomberg’s in Getting ROIC Right. See the Appendix for direct comparison details.

Key quotes from the paper:

  • “…an accurate calculation of ROIC requires more diligence than often occurs in some of the common, off-the-shelf ROIC calculations. Only by scouring the footnotes and the MD&A [the New Constructs method] can investors get an accurate calculation of ROIC.” – pp. 8, 5th para.
  • “The majority of the difference…comes from New Constructs’ machine learning approach, which leverages technology to calculate ROIC by applying accounting adjustments that may be buried deeply in the footnotes across thousands of companies.” – pp. 4, 2nd para.

3. Superior Stock Ratings

Robo-Analysts’ stock ratings outperform those from human analysts as shown in this paper from Harvard Business School & Indiana’s Kelley School of Business. More details here. Bloomberg features the paper here.

Key quotes from the paper:

  • “the portfolios formed following the buy recommendations of Robo-Analysts earn abnormal returns that are statistically and economically significant.” – pp. 6, 3rd para.
  • “Our results ultimately suggest that Robo-Analysts are a valuable, alternative information intermediary to traditional sell-side analysts.” – pp. 20, 3rd para.

Our mission is to provide the best fundamental analysis of public and private businesses in the world and make it affordable for all investors, not just Wall Street insiders.

We believe every investor deserves to know the whole truth about the profitability and valuation of any company they consider for investment. More details on our cutting-edge technology and how we use it are here.

This article originally published on January 11, 2021.

Disclosure: David Trainer, Kyle Guske II, Alex Sword and Matt Shuler receive no compensation to write about any specific stock, style, or theme.

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    • jay berns

      Do any of your subscription services within New Constructs offer retiree portfolio allocation recommendations focusing on income and income with growth?

    • Matt Shuler


      Thanks for the question! Gold-and-higher members can screen for stocks based on dividend yield. We also provide our monthly Safest Dividend Yields and Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolios to Platinum-and-higher members.

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