Buy LRCX: More Value Than Meets the Eye


Most of my research and publishing tends to focus on companies manipulating accounting rules to make their reported earnings look better than the real economic cash flows of their business.
It is unfortunately rare that I find a company whose economic earnings are outpacing the reported accounting results and whose stock is cheap.
One such company is Lam Research (LRCX – very attractive rating). One of September’s most attractive stocks, LRCX offers investors hidden value.

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General Electric (GE) Neutral Risk/Reward Rating for Ask Matt Readers

Here is a free copy of our report on GE for Ask Matt read­ers. This report pro­vides details behind Matt’s analy­sis of GE in his recent arti­cle in USA Today. Click here for our report: General Electric (GE) Neu­tral Risk/Reward Rat­ing.

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MarketWatch Features New Constructs’ Rating on Fidelity’s Magellan Fund


MarketWatch’s Chuck Jaffe feature’s New Constructs mutual fund rating system, which has a “neutral” rating on the Magellan fund.
Our fund rating system is the same as our stock rating system, which has received many accolades for its predictive power.

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Sell Baker Hughes Before The Stock Goes Up In Fumes


It is only a matter of time before oil and gas stocks stop moving with the price of oil and start reflecting their underlying economics.
When this happens, Baker Hughes (BHI – “very dangerous” rating) will be among the stocks that fall the hardest.

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Should Directors Ignore Those One-Time Items?

I do not think so. The question, however, is not so much about what directors ignore. You cannot ignore something about which you are unaware.
The real issue is that most directors and investors are simply unaware of the many one-time items because they are buried deep in the annals of footnotes in annual reports or 10-K filings.

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