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  1. Unfiltered Risk – published 4/8/24
  2. 2Q23 Earnings Update: Valuation Has Snapped Out of Reality – published 8/7/23
  3. Still a Zombie after Cost Cutting & Layoffs – published 9/9/22
  4. Zombie Stock #4 – Snap Out of It or Die – published 7/22/22
  5. Three Danger Zone Stocks That Look Worse Post 2Q21 Earnings – published 8/3/21
  6. Three Stocks That Look More Dangerous Post 1Q21 Earnings – published 5/10/21
  7. Three of the Most Dangerous Stocks Entering 2021 – published 1/11/21
  8. Priced to Match Facebook’s Success – published 9/14/20
  9. Position Close Update: Snap, Inc. (SNAP) – published 2/8/19
  10. Danger Zone Highlights From 2018 – published 1/14/19
  11. Bursting SNAP’s (Micro) Bubble – published 8/13/18
  12. Will Investors Look Past Snap’s Hype? – published 1/1/17
  13. Danger Zone: Snap Inc. (SNAP) – published 2/6/17

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    • Enrique Esparza

      Hello, I am a student at San Jose State University, you may or may not know my professor Mike Williams. He told our class recently that you are a key industry analyst and should seek your guidance for a valuation on SNAP. The prompt at hand is to consider the acquisition of SNAP from an alternate company’s perspective and I have been tasked to create my own valuation of SNAP. I hope to hear back from you soon!

    • Tamara Pesik

      Hi Enrique,
      Thanks for your kind comment. I’m going to reach out to you directly from to better understand what you’re looking for. Hope your studies are going well this fall!

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