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Insights on the forces that shape our capital markets and the future of our country.

“New Constructs Snags Distribution Deals With Big Names”

On Tuesday (9/27/16), Geert De Lombaerde of Nashville Post featured our recent partnerships with firms such as Scottrade and Thomson Reuters.

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The Fed Is Irrelevant: Low Interest Rates Are the New Normal


It’s time to consider a new paradigm for interest rates – a paradigm where treasury rates remain ultra low and riskier investments are priced by a decentralized market instead of a central bank.

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“Scottrade Offers Investors New Constructs Research” – Barron’s


On Saturday, Barron’s featured New Constructs’ recent partnership with Scottrade.

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What’s The Problem With Non-GAAP Earnings?


Non-GAAP earnings are back in the crosshairs. 15 years after the Enron scandal first prompted the SEC to create rules for non-GAAP metrics, the proliferation of these pro forma results have led to renewed scrutiny.

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How The Internet Economy Killed Inflation


The internet economy may be in the early stages of transforming our daily lives, but it’s already wreaking havoc on economic policy. As mentioned at the top of this piece, the Fed cannot manage to hit its 2% inflation target no matter how hard it tries, so maybe it should stop trying.

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Thomson Reuters Bolsters Wealth Management Offerings with New Constructs


New Constructs is proud to announce our new relationship with Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets.

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Integrity Research Features Success of Our Scottrade Partnership

Integrity Research, advisor to the world’s largest investment managers, featured Scottrade clients’ rapid adoption of New Constructs’ research. Here are key highlights of the Integrity report

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Partnership with Scottrade Enjoys Huge Launch Success


As of about 5:30CT on August 31st, all Scottrade clients gained free access to New Constructs Gold membership. We think that Scottrade has never seen adoption rates as fast as what they are seeing with New Constructs and their clients.

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Gold Members Get A Scoop on CNBC

On September 12, 2016 David Trainer, CEO, appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell to highlight 2-3 stocks from the Most Dangerous Stocks list for September.

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Are Utilities In A Bubble?


Could these traditionally safe stocks be dangerously overvalued and setting up for a crash? And if so, how should investors manage their portfolios to mitigate this risk?

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“Unsophisticated Investors Line the Pockets of More-Sophisticated Investors”


On Tuesday (8/02/16), Chuck Jaffe of Marketwatch interviewed CEO David Trainer regarding the folly of turning current events into investment hunches and why investors need to focus on fundamentals regardless of baseless current event trends

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“The “Aha” Moment That Changed Everything”


Brian Bain, of Investor In The Family, recently interviewed CEO David Trainer. Just a few of the topics discussed are: the basis for founding New Constructs, how New Constructs uses machine learning to better analyze thousands of company filings, and the difference in economic earnings and accounting earnings

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Scottrade Ramps Up Investment Research With New Constructs Offerings


New Constructs is proud to announce our new relationship with Scottrade, a leading financial services firm.

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“NFLX P/E of 330 Will Be Hard To Live Up To”


On Monday (7/25/16), Bottom Line Inc. interviewed CEO David Trainer regarding Netflix’s overvaluation and future expectations baked into the stock price.

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The Future of Wealth Management And Morgan Stanley’s $28 Billion Opportunity


The big banks still have significant advantages. Their brand names, financial capital, advisor networks, and large client bases give them the opportunity to leverage the innovations of startups and become the biggest winners in this new wealth management model.

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Why Companies Overpay For Acquisitions


Overpriced acquisitions are far from a new phenomenon, but they’ve been especially prevalent in recent months. As a result, we’ve gathered some ideas about the various reasons companies ignore the evidence and continue to overpay for acquisitions.

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“Websites That Clarify Corporate Accounting” – Barron’s


On Saturday (6/25/16), Barron’s featured New Constructs as one of the best websites for giving investors the truth about profitability and valuation.

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#1 Stock Picker – Last Twelve Months – June 2016


The latest rankings have been released and New Constructs’ CEO David Trainer is June’s #1 ranked stock picker over the last twelve months (LTM) per SumZero Rankings

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#4 Stock Picker – Value – June 2016


The latest rankings have been released and New Constructs’ CEO David Trainer is June’s #4 ranked “Value” stock picker per SumZero Rankings.

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David Trainer on CNBC’s Closing Bell: Nike vs. Under Armour


New Constructs CEO David Trainer appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Wednesday June 1, 2016 to discuss Nike (NKE) vs. Under Amour (UA) and which provides the better risk/reward.

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