Wall Street Research Cannot Be Trusted – Proof Point

In case you needed proof beyond the Global Research Settlement that Wall Street research cannot be trusted, Morgan Stanley delivers by admitting “inadequately disclosing conflicts of interest on the part of its research analysts.”

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Economic Versus Accounting Earnings


Accounting data was not designed for equity investors, but for debt investors. “Earnings, earnings per share and earnings growth are misleading measures of corporate performance.”(from page 66 in The Quest For Value by Bennett Stewart, Harper Collins 1991.)

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Top Ranking for Stock Picking for New Constructs


New Constructs stock-picking consistently ranks among the best of the nationally-recognized research firms.

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Our Research aims to help clients, not sell stock

Unlike the typical research firm, New Constructs aims to help our customers not exploit them. New Constructs only makes money by selling reports, no investment banking or trading fees pollute our research.

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