Gold Members and higher can access August’s 40 Most Attractive Stocks as of Wednesday, August 3.

We provide 20 large/mid cap names and 20 small cap names to buy in this monthly newsletter.

The Most Attractive Stocks (+4.6%) rose more than the S&P 500 (+3.5%) and outperformed as a long portfolio last month.

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    2 replies to "August’s Most Attractive Stocks Available to Members Today"

    • Patrick Doyle

      Hi there.
      I like the use of NOPAT to ROIC as a metric, so I’m strongly considering your service. Here are my questions: when you look at the performance numbers, do you equally weight all 40 stocks of the “most attractive” list? Do you have any data on the volatility of those names? Do you have any data on the outliers (biggest loser for the month, biggest gainer for the month)? I realise that this is a long term game, but if someone posts about monthly numbers, then it’s fair to raise questions about monthly volatility in my view.

      Again, this is a very impressive service. Take care.
      Patrick Doyle

    • Kyle Guske II

      Patrick, thanks for your questions.
      This data is tracked monthly within the Most Attractive and Most Dangerous reports. We track return for each stock that makes the list. For instance, the biggest gainer for July was VMW, up 25% and the biggest loser was ESND, down 34%. In regards to volatility, we track the volatility of the Large Cap stocks, the Small Cap stocks, and combined, along with the S&P 500 and Russell 2000. We also provide this information on a quarterly basis. The most recent quarterly update can be found here:

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