Sector Analysis 3Q15

The Financials sector ranks ninth out of the 10 sectors as detailed in our Sector Ratings for ETFs and Mutual Funds report. It gets our Dangerous rating, which is based on an aggregation of ratings of 43 ETFs and 225 mutual funds in the Financials sector as of July 7, 2015. See a recap of our 2Q15 Sector Ratings hereNot a Member Yet? You need a Platinum Membership or higher to view the content on this page.
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    1 Response to "The Best and Worst of the Financials Sector"

    • John

      OFG from previous quarter….a great bank with a solid team in a horrible environment. Not sure which reputation prevails here. Lot of exposure to government loans but worth a deeper dive. Do we take Rothschild’s advice here or will we wind up in the ER for a prolonged period of time? Impact of event catalysts on credit exposure are crucial to valuation. I’m thinking about it. Let me know if you are too. At least worth an analysis here.

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