The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today announced my appointment to the Investors Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC).
Here is the official press release.

The ITAC is a standing resource to the FASB that provides investors’ perspectives on current projects and on the implementation of new standards. The ITAC also identifies critical accounting and financial reporting issues that require the Board’s attention.

    2 replies to "FASB Appoints Me to the Investors Technical Advisory Committee"

    • Don Neumann

      I bought a report and I can not access it.
      it says it is to be available for 24 hours BUT WHERE?

      Don Neumann

    • David Trainer

      Mr. Neumann:
      We distribute out reports across a variety of platforms, Y! Finance,, Capital IQ, FactSet, etc.

      Pls contact the firm thru which you bought the report to learn how to get access.

      If you have any trouble, I am happy to give you a report for free. Just let me know the ticker and company name.

      Thank you,

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