Our Focus List (Long) is a managed model portfolio of our best long ideas and is designed for investors who are focused on long-term capital appreciation. We update the portfolio as needed based on our Robo-Analyst’s[1]  insights on a firm’s true return on invested capital (ROIC)[2] and economic earnings as well as qualitative insights from our analyst team.

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We’ve added the following stock to our Focus List – Long Model Portfolio as of January 31, 2019.

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    2 replies to "Focus List Stocks: Long – Update 1/31/19"

    • DandCSteedley@gmail.com

      Will you ever offer a Focus List–Long report to Platinum members during the year?

    • Sam McBride

      Access to the Focus List is restricted to Pro-level subscribers and higher, as detailed on the Membership page https://www.newconstructs.com/professional-membership/

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