Thinking of investing in a business development company (BDC) after the recent media attention surrounding the IPO of Goldman Sachs BDC? You may be missing a key red flag if you’re not analyzing every detail in their 10-K.

Two large risks when investing in BDCs are shareholder dilution and decreased dividends. However, these risks can be minimized by avoiding BDCs that are more likely to take one, or both of these value destroying actions. We analyzed 23 BDC’s and identified several that, due to their current capital structure, pose the biggest threat to your portfolio.

Don’t invest in BDC’s without reading this in depth analysis first.

Get “The Hidden Risks in BDCs” special report today.

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    3 replies to "The Hidden Risks in Business Development Companies"

    • Mike stango

      After I logged into your site. I can not open your report on BDC’s without it taking me to the subscription page.

    • Kyle Guske II

      This report can be purchased by following the link in the text above. It is freely available only to our Institutional clients.
      -Kyle Guske II

    • John

      Great stuff and a nice reference table in figure 1! Noticed the figure has some #N/A values. Is that because some of the senior securities were disclosed but not quantified in the filings? I’d think that the SEC would require full quantifiable disclosure of senior securities and unfunded commitments. Would like to get your insight on this. Thanks.

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