Launching an Advisory Board of FinTech Leaders

We’re proud to announce an Advisory Board to drive the next stage of growth.

Long Idea: Boost the Health of Your Portfolio

Superior profitability & growth will drive market share gains.

Long Idea: Serving Up Great Risk/Reward

Positioned to increase market share during and after the economic downturn.

Safest Dividend Yields: Model Portfolio Update

Seven new stocks make this month’s model portfolio.

Get the best fundamental research

Consensus Earnings Are Wrong – TD Ameritrade Network

Learn how to pick stocks in the current market.

Don't Fret 2Q Earnings – Bloomberg TV

Now is the best time in many, many years for investors to pick individual stocks.

Featured Stock in Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio

Get a free look at one of the stocks in this month's Model Portfolio.

Barron's Features Our Recent Long Idea

Get our analysis of this industrial giant's fundamentals and valuation.

Danger Zone Podcast: 6/15/20: Shift Your Portfolio into a Higher Gear

An industry leader valued as if profits permanently decline by 50%.

Upcoming Research

Coverage Updates

  • 589: 10-Qs parsed since June 1.
  • 96: 10-Ks parsed since June 1.
  • 112: stocks, ETFs & mutual funds added to coverage universe over the last 3 months.

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