New Constructs®, LLC (together with any subsidiaries and/or affiliates, ‘New Constructs’) is an independent organization with no management ties to the companies it covers. None of the members of New Constructs’ management team or the management team of any New Constructs’ affiliate holds a seat on the Board of Directors of any of the companies New Constructs covers. New Constructs does not perform any investment or merchant banking functions and does not operate a trading desk.

New Constructs’ Stock Ownership Policy prevents any of its employees or managers from engaging in Insider Trading and restricts any trading whereby an employee may exploit inside information regarding our stock research. In addition, employees and managers of the company are bound by a code of ethics that restricts them from purchasing or selling a security that they know or should have known was under consideration for inclusion in a New Constructs’ report nor may they purchase or sell a security for the first 15 days after New Constructs issues a report on that security.

New Constructs is affiliated with the general partner of a hedge fund. At any particular time, New Constructs’ and this blog’s research recommendations may not coincide with the hedge fund’s holdings. However, in no event will the hedge fund receive any research information or recommendations in advance of the information that New Constructs or this blog provides to its other clients. All charts and figures appearing on this website or in files made available from this website and blog are based on New Constructs’ internal models and solely reflect the opinions of New Constructs.

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