Integrity Research Features Success of Our Scottrade Partnership

Integrity Research, advisor to the world’s largest investment managers, featured Scottrade clients’ rapid adoption of New Constructs’ research. Here are key highlights of the Integrity report:

  • Within seconds of launch, Scottrade clients flocked to the New Constructs service at a faster rate than ever seen before.
  • “It must feel encouraging to Scottrade management that they decided to license Trainer’s research, particularly given the fact that New Constructs provides a very different perspective on the financial health of a company than is provided by most research services.” – Integrity Research
  • “The real question we have is whether Scottrade, and their competitors, will see the financial benefit of providing various independent research services to their customers, and will grow this part of their business. As long as the adoption rates are this strong, the answer could be yes.” – Integrity Research
  • Ease of use is key to adoption: “Put simply, we provide the Carfax for stocks – a service that is so easy and inexpensive to use that everyone will want to access [our valuable research] before making investment decisions.” – David Trainer

You can read the entire Integrity Research report here.

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For more on the Scottrade partnership, click here.

Integrity Research Associates, LLC is an advisory firm founded in 2003 to analyze the global investment research industry. It is the only firm which tracks the entire investment research industry.

It follows over 4,000 research and data firms in the U.S., Europe and Asia, assisting clients in generating more value for their spending on external research.

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