MSFT released better than expected earnings and is up 8.3% since it was named the Stock Pick of the Week on October 28, 2010. Overt the same time period, the S&P 500 is up only 3.6%.

Per the post: Stock Pick of the Week: Buy Microsoft Corp (MSFT) — Very Attractive Rating: “As shown in our report on MSFT, the company’s ROIC (a whop­ping 61.6%) is in the Top Quin­tile of all the com­pa­nies we cover and its eco­nomic earn­ings are grow­ing. At the same time, the stock’s val­u­a­tion implies that MSFT’s prof­its will decline by over 20% and never grow again. In other words, the stock mar­ket is pre­dict­ing a per­ma­nent decline of 20% in MSFT’s prof­its. The mar­ket is set­ting the per­for­mance bar quite low for MSFT.”

MSFT’s performance is another example of our rigorous research translates into superior stock-picking and risk/reward analysis.

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