Here is what our clients have to say about New Constructs:

Charles Wilton, CIM, FCSI, CSWP, PM — Raymond James Canada
Toronto, Canada

“New Constructs is the best research I’ve seen in this business.”

“New Constructs gives me a competitive advantage. I love to compete with advisors who do not have New Constructs.”

Charles is the top-ranked advisor for returns and Sharpe ratio in Canada. Here is Charles’ website. Here is the page where he links to our methodology white papers.

John Healy, CFA — Portfolio Manager
Atlanta, GA

“I am a CFA and have quite a bit of experience evaluating systems like New Constructs.

“With HOLT and AFG, data from the financial statements isn’t nearly as complete as it is with New Constructs.”

“Scouring through the footnotes is necessary to assess the true economic condition of a company.”

“The New Constructs Approach is much more effective than other systems available on the market today.”

Mike Irvin, CFP — Independent Financial Advisor
Atlanta, GA

“New Constructs helps me keep 34% more of my advisory fees every month by reducing my costs.”

“New Constructs helps me raise assets. Their research paints a picture for a prospect in a way that no other tool can.”

“Knowing that I have a partner in New Constructs that I can trust for diligence makes all the difference in the world to me and to my clients.”

No. 1 Advisor in Tennessee for a Major Broker-Dealer
Nashville, TN

“I understand my firm has a relationship with other companies, and they do business with those companies, so having New Constructs giving me a comfort and a second check on due diligence and my recommendations is invaluable.”

“I’ve used other services in the past, but nothing as good as New Constructs.”

“I would highly recommend making New Constructs part of your business.”


Harold Naparst — Private Investor

“I don’t feel that I was investing correctly before New Constructs — and my results have certainly improved ever since. In fact, New Constructs’ methodology is the only reasonable way to pick stocks, which is based on how much true cash companies generate. And New Constructs accurately measures this cash flow.”

“I find the models incredibly useful. They allow me to quantify a stock’s true future value using my own growth expectations.”

“If you look at how to value stocks — you look at Benjamin Graham and the way he thought about valuing companies. Who’s doing that kind of stuff now? It’s New Constructs.”

Brady Raanes, CFP, CFA — Financial Advisor, Raanes Capital Management 
Hattiesburg, MS

“Over the years, I’ve developed a real appreciation for determining the value of companies based on the actual company – not on a relative basis. However, I find that I don’t have the accounting knowledge or the great deal of time required to study foot notes in financial statements. I heard David speak at a CFA meeting and decided to look closer at New Constructs. I’m glad I did. I have been extremely impressed with the process New Constructs uses and the reports they provide when determining whether or not a company is attractively priced or very dangerous.”

“My favorite aspect of New Constructs is their ability to examine the footnotes, make the accounting adjustments and then provide the statistics for the “market implied” growth rates going forward. These “market implied” performance metrics make it much easier for me to understand whether a stock is undervalued or if the market has too much confidence.”

“I feel much more comfortable knowing that New Constructs is providing an additional layer of due diligence to my research by analyzing footnotes and making adjustments to the true economic earnings. New Constructs help me clearly see if a company is truly creating value for its shareholders.”

Joe Petrone — Individual Investor
Orange County, CA

“New Constructs is the perfect complement to my already-successful technical trading strategy. Applying New Constructs forensic research as a filter, I am able to confidently select those stocks from my 12 factor automated ranking system and enter at an oversold price (using technical analysis).”

“Their classification of stocks and funds (from most attractive to dangerous) is excellent. Simply and instantly, you can see how your stocks or funds are rated and where they are trading compared to economic book value.  For someone with limited time to spend ‘watching’ the stock market, this top-down view is incredibly useful. I highly endorse the NewConstructs system as one ‘must have’ tool in any stock or fund selection system.”

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