We are proud to announce a step into the future for investment research and reporting. Official press release is here.

Together with FA today we can help more investors get the diligence they need to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities and run their practices more efficiently.

Want to avoid the stock blow-up? Or avoid the ETFs and mutual funds that hold that stock?

The only way to avoid underperformance is to have truly diligent research. Good investment research is critical to building client trust and delivering good performance. Clients expect to see more than research that everyone else uses or Wall Street reports.

Independent, diligent research that delivers performance is hard to find. It is difficult and time consuming for advisors to do themselves. And it is often hard for us to find clients that care about real diligence in their investment research.

Partnering with FA today, we are able to connect with advisors that want to build trust, save time and improve investment performance. FA today’s dynamic curation of content makes advisors more efficient by putting our actionable information in their hands quickly – so that they can make immediate improvements to their clients’ portfolios. New Construct’s diligence on 3,000 stocks, 400 ETFs and 7,000 mutual funds makes advisors more efficient by saving them the time required to review voluminous disclosures and footnotes.

This will be of great benefit to the readers of FA today, who will get a high level of access through the Diligent Advisor Group.

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