There are many ways to define the quality and merit of equity research. One measure stands tallest: performance of stock recommendations. And by that measure, New Constructs’ research is of very high quality (especially for the price!!). See our latest Proof Is In Performance Report for more details.

As you can see in my post on our stock-picking accolades, we have plenty of independent, 3rd-party validation of our stock-picking success. So, you don’t just have to take our word for it.

The Proof Is In Performance:

The returns of our recommendations since January 2005:

Long Strategy:

  • Most Attractive (Large cap stocks only): 23%
  • Most Attractive (Small cap stocks only): 29%
  • Most Attractive  (Large and Small stocks): 28%

Short Strategy:

  • Most Dangerous (Large cap stocks only):  30%
  • Most Dangerous (Small cap stocks only): -19%
  • Most Dangerous (Large and Small stocks): 5%

Long/Short Strategy:

  • Most Attractive/Dangerous (Large cap stocks only):  99%
  • Most Attractive/Dangerous (Small cap stocks only): 60%
  • Most Attractive/Dangerous (Large and Small stocks): 83%

These returns compare well to the major indices over the same time frame:

  • S&P 500: -13%
  • Russell 1000: -11%
  • Russell 2000: -2%

Our success comes from being able to identify groups of stocks that are most likely to be re-priced as the market, over time, rectifies misperceptions of economic value created by investors employing less analytical rigor than we. We derive our advantage from the in-depth analysis of financial statements, especially the notes to the financial statements, which we apply to the analysis of the underlying economic value of 3000 firms. We believe our exacting approach to research gives us advantage in the selection of individual securities for our long and short portfolios

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