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    2 replies to "Safest Dividend Yields Model Portfolio: February 2019"

    • Alex

      Amazing! You don’t give a slightest chance to get acquainted with the real merits of your work without paying you in advance! Not even a sample of newsletter. Videos are too quick and vague to grasp the added value of your research and recommendations. My visit of your website was really disappointing, no useful information whatsoever. Just “sign up for membership”. Is it the way to attract new clients?

    • Sam McBride

      I’m sorry that you didn’t find the website helpful. We try to make a fair amount of content available to free users so they can assess the value of our work. As a free user, you get access to a variety of reports, including:

      Featured Stocks on Model Portfolios: See the latest report here

      Filing Season Finds reports that highlight our 10-K footnotes diligence: See all these reports here

      General Market research: see here

      The Education section of the website, which explains our methodology, the metrics we use, and the adjustments we make to calculate these metrics: see here

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