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      I just noticed your partnership with TD Ameritrade. Your web site is not user friendly…can’t get through the (I’m not a robot). As a TD client…what are my options for your Gold program. I am primarily interested in screening for recommended stock purchases only, with the ability to filter for price, etc.

    • David Trainer

      Hi Ron:
      Thanks for your comment!
      Our memberships are explained in detail here:
      I highly recommend watching the short videos explaining what each membership offers – they are super short and easy to understand.

      Thanks for the feedback on our site.
      Sorry you’re not finding it easy to use – we get quite a lot of excellent feedback on the utility and friendliness of the site. That said, we know we can always be better esp when it comes to user experience and interface.

    • Gary Shapiro

      ron is right your web site is poorly constructed and hard to navigate.

    • Matt Shuler

      Thanks for your feedback.


      Could you please add HIPS and HNDL to your universe of funds to evaluate?

    • Tamara Pesik

      Hi John – I’m putting your request for HIPS and HNDL into the coverage queue for review. I’ll follow up with you from support@newconstructs.com for updates. Best,Tam

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