How To Avoid the Worst Sector ETFs


Why are there so many ETFs? The answer is: because ETF providers are making lots of money selling them. The number of ETFs has little to do with serving investors’ best interests. Here are three red flags investors can use to avoid the worst ETFs…

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Seagate Technology PLC (STX) – Up over 15% Today – one the Most Attractive Stocks for October


One of October’s Most Attractive Stocks, Seagate Technology PLC (ticker – STX) is up over 15% today. STX was added to our list of Most Attractive Stocks in September, shortly after we reviewed the company’s latest 10K and found HIDDEN GEMS.

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Stock Pick of the Week: Sell/Short FedEx Corp (FDX)

RED FLAG: The main driver of the difference between Economic and Accounting earnings is FDX’s $11.9bn of off-balance sheet debt, a big number compared to $19.7bn in Net Assets and $25.6bn of market value.

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GAP is Stock Pick of the Week – Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem – GPS: economic earnings are rising faster than reported accounting earnings b/c the company lowered the capital employed to run the business. GAAP earnings do not capture increase capital efficiency of the business.

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Our Research aims to help clients, not sell stock

Unlike the typical research firm, New Constructs aims to help our customers not exploit them. New Constructs only makes money by selling reports, no investment banking or trading fees pollute our research.

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Practicing what I preach

To see how I apply my analytical techniques, look no farther than the New Constructs website. Indeed, we have a large and generous Free Archive of research reports that show you exactly what we do and how we do it. We are not afraid to be transparent because we have nothing to hide.

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Investment Strategy 101


The key to successful investing is maximizing upside potential and minimizing downside potential for every investment decision.

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