We closed this position on August 11, 2015. A copy of the associated Position Update report is here.

My Danger Zone pick this week is also my Stock Pick of the Week. Listen to all the details in my weekly interview with MarketWatch’s Chuck Jaffe.

Learn why Boston Properties (BXP) makes our Most Dangerous Stocks list and could spell trouble for investors.

I also recommend selling the following ETFs and mutual funds because they allocate 5% or more of their portfolio to BXP and get my “Very Dangerous” or 1-star rating:

  1. iShares FTSE NAREIT Industrial/Office Capped Index Fund (FNIO) – 20% allocation to BXP
  2. Advisors Series Trust: PHOCAS Real Estate Fund (PHREX) – 6% allocation to BXP
  3. Eaton Vance Special Investment Trust: Eaton Vance Real Estate Fund (EAREX, EIREX) – 6% allocation to BXP
  4. Columbia Funds Series Trust I: Columbia Real Estate Equity Fund (CRECX, CRRVX, CREBX, CREWX,CRSRX, CREEX, CRRFX, CREIX, CREAX) – 6% allocation to BXP
  5. Principal Funds, Inc: Real Estate Securities Fund (PIRPX, PRETX, PREJX, PREPX, PRERX, PRENX, PRAEX, PIREX, PRCEX, PRLEX, PRRAX) – 6% allocation to BXP

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