On Tuesday ( 11/22/16), WealthManagement.com featured our op/ed on why the Fiduciary standard of service is here to stay no matter what Trump does. Read the entire op-ed here.

Key take aways from the op/ed:

  1. Investors’ expectations for the fiduciary standard are here to stay no matter what the official rules say
  2. What financial adviser wants to be seen as not putting the client’s interests first?
  3. New Constructs fills a void for the quality of research needed to fulfill fiduciary duties  – and all this talk about the new DOL rule shines a light on that void 

For more on why the fiduciary rule helps investors:

  1. Why Investors Need Independent Research
  2. CFOs Agree: 20% of Companies Have Misleading Earnings
  3. Are “Buy” Ratings Nearly Worthless?
  4. Wall Street Analysts Find Themselves in the Danger Zone

In addition, you can see all our media coverage here.

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