Competition for Lipper and Morningstar is “heating up” according to fund-industry expert Chuck Jaffe. Research based on past performance is losing favor as investor recognize its lack of rigor and value.

In his latest MarketWatch column, Jaffe writes: “If investors are going to look at more than past performance measures, they should also consider the competition, a pack that is heating up in pursuit of the industry leaders.”

He goes on to recommend investors use New Constructs predictive ratings. He also warns investors to be careful of purveyors of predictive ratings. And I agree. Be sure the predictive rating methodology is sound and, of course, transparent. New Constructs’ Predictive Rating methodology is clearly defined. It is derived primarily from the stock ratings of the fund’s holdings as well as the fund’s Total Annual Costs, our comprehensive measure of the all-in costs of being in a fund. It is important to note that our stock ratings are consistently ranked as among the best in the business by Barron’s. We employ a uniquely high level of analytical rigor in our stock research that generates better stock ratings. Samples of insights that delivered great stock picks.

In summary, New Constructs Predictive Fund ratings are not only among the first to perform the due diligence of analyzing a fund’s holdings, we also are among the best research firms for analyzing stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

Our free fund screener provides ratings and reports on 7400+ ETFs and mutual funds updated daily.

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