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    2 replies to "Zombie Stock #18 – Calling for a Lifeline"

    • Ignacio Gomendio

      Hi, I am a bit confused about the updating of this list. From mid August till now you have removed 7 companies!, SG, LPSN, MDB, BMBL, W, BIRD, NET…how come in just 1Q and going into recession 7 companies have improved fundamentals enough to get out of the list??. The list is of no use with such turnover!

    • Matt Shuler

      Ignacio, sorry for the confusion. SG, LPSN, MDZB, BMBL, W, BIRD, and NET were all potential candidates, but were never added to the Zombie Stock List. We published a report each time we added a stock to the list. All the stocks that have made the list are included Figure 9. Only Freshpet (FRPT) has been removed because of recent activist activity. Thanks for the question!

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