Front Run Buffett: Buy Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI)


I recommend investors buy stock in Scripp Networks Interactive (SNI) before Mr. Buffett buys the whole company.

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New Constructs’ Offerings: Company valuation models

Our Company Valuation models are very sophisticated discounted cash flow and earnings quality models.
An enormous amount of works goes into every model. I wish I could offer a short-cut (beyond our ratings and reports) for understanding our models.

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New Constructs’ Offerings: Website Overview

Here is a quick guide to the basics of the New Constructs website.

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Flaws In Traditional Fund Research Should Not Be Tolerated


Investors deserve truly independent research on funds. I show they are not getting it from Morningstar.

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The Most Attractive ETFs for March


My ratings on ETFs are unique because they are based on my stock ratings for each of a fund’s holdings.
Analyzing and rating an ETF based on its holdings delivers many interesting insights:

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Bank Of America (BAC): Very Dangerous Rating — for Ask Matt Readers

Bank Of America (BAC) gets our Very Dangerous rating because it has misleading earnings and a very expensive valuation. Here is my free report on BAC.

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The Most Dangerous ETFs For March


My ratings on ETFs are unique because they are based on my stock ratings for each of a fund’s holdings.
Ergo, the “Most Dangerous” ETFs allocate the most capital to stocks on March’s Most Dangerous Stocks list, which is available for non-subscribers as of today. There are 40 stocks on the Most Dangerous list every month.

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YUM! Brands, Inc. (YUM): Attractive Rating — for Ask Matt Readers

YUM! Brands, Inc. (YUM) bet my Attractive rating. Here is a free copy of my report on YUM.

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Get Off the SBUX Bandwagon Before It Crashes

Be wary of advice from the bandwagon riders. They care more about getting more people in the bandwagon than anything else.
The Starbucks (SBUX) bandwagon is a big one. I am not on it.

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Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone References My Article on BAC’s New Fees

Always flattered when a journalist, especially one as famous and respected at Mr. Taibbi, references my work. His article “Bank of America In Trouble?” incorporated the meat of my “Raising Fees Is A Desperate Measure: Sell BAC” article.

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Sell BAC: Management Is Running Out of Gimmicks


Year to date, Bank Of America (BAC) stock is up nearly 45% compared to the S&P at +about 8%. BAC stock has bounced back nicely after dropping precipitously at the end of last year.
I would call the 45% bounce a “dead cat” bounce because I expect the stock to fall right back to $5/share, where it bottomed last Thanksgiving, or lower.

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When I ran across the recent article “270,033 pages later, a chance to catch our breath…”, I could not help but admire’s marketing moxy.
The article provides a count of the number of pages of 10-K filings that have poured in during the real earnings season. It also highlight a couple of the largest filings. At first glance, it is easy for one to assume that all of the 270,033 pages were also analyzed.

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Raising Fees Is A Desperate Measure: Sell BAC

Recent news that Bank Of America (BAC) is considering jacking up its fees on basic checking accounts suggests the company is bad shape. As I wrote yesterday, I believe BAC stock is headed back to its lows and today’s news confirms my view that the expectations basked into the stock’s valuation are writing checks that the company cannot cash.

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Wall $treet Week Returns: New Constructs’ Unique Research and Very Attractive Rating for AAPL

My interview with Wall $treet Week focuses on the uniquely rigorous research of New Constructs and three of our top stock picks.

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