When I ran across the recent article “270,033 pages later, a chance to catch our breath…“, I could not help but admire footnoted.org’s marketing moxy.

The article provides a count of the number of pages of 10-K filings that have poured in during the real earnings season. It also highlight a couple of the largest filings. At first glance, it is easy for one to assume that all of the 270,033 pages were also analyzed.

To their credit, footnoted.org admits they did not read all of the pages. How many they read, I cannot say.

I can say that a page count is easy to do. Rigorously parsing all of those pages as we do at New Constructs is NOT easy. I can also say that we absolutely analyze and parse every single page of filings to produce timely insights such as Smoking Out the Truth: Buy MO and Time to Unload Bank Of America in the last tow weeks. There are many more available to clients.

Below is a sample of my (public) articles from 2010 based on key insights pulled from 10-K filings. More examples are here.


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