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    3 replies to "Danger Zone 8/12/13: Tesla Motors (TSLA)"

    • Steve

      Inasmuch, as you say, the stock still has a lot of momentum, wouldn’t it be better to advise holders to put in a Trailing Stop Loss order, rather than sell right now?

    • P. Summers

      I am quoting this post, thoughts? “RE:

      One of the people where I work has a Tesla, we saw the articles about multiple Tesla fires at

      I have now read that many Tesla owners have complained of fire incidents in their blogs. Do Tesla batteries blow up after they get wet? Don’t park your Tesla anywhere near your home or you may find your house burned down.

    • David Trainer

      P. Summers:

      I don’t have the technical expertise to comment on the risk of fires with Tesla batteries, but the market’s reaction to the news (down 15%) shows how vulnerable a story stock like TSLA can be. One bit of news that contradicts the bullish narrative can take a big chunk out of the stock’s value.

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