Danger Zone: What’s Eating VeriFone’s (PAY) Profitability?

VeriFone (PAY: $37/share) is in the Danger Zone this week according to our investment research.

VeriFone manufactures point of service (POS) terminals for credit cards and provides services and software related to processing payments. VeriFone (PAY) is the market leader in POS solutions in the United States, with 60% of the retail terminal systems market.

Listen to David Trainer discuss VeriFone with Chuck Jaffe of Money Life and MarketWatch.com.

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About The Author

Andre Rouillard

Investment Analyst at New Constructs


  • Kyle Guske II

    June 8, 2016

    VeriFone plunges over 20% after Q2 earnings and cuts full year guidance. Now down 46% since Danger Zone publish date.

  • Kyle Guske II

    September 2, 2016

    VeriFone drops over 18% after Q3 earnings disappoint and full year guidance is lowered. Now down 56% since Danger Zone publish date.

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