We have extended the unrivaled level of diligence that our Robo-Analyst technology provides on earnings quality to our analysis of dividend data. This diligence has been scaled across all stocks under coverage, which includes 1,500+ dividend-paying companies.

Bad Data In = Bad Data Out

A company’s true dividend payment track record, or even a stock’s current dividend yield, can be skewed by a number of corporate actions (special dividends, variable dividends, suspended dividends, change in payment frequency, etc.) if such actions are not properly identified and adjusted for.

We taught our Robo-Analyst technology to automatically flag and adjust for such atypical dividend payments to ensure we are providing accurate dividend analysis. Specifically, we ensure that our dividend metrics are based only on the recurring, properly annualized dividend in current and historical periods.

More Accurate Dividend Metrics

Our dividend research is more accurate than our competitors because our source data is better. Clients can trust it to make faster and better-informed decisions.

Here’s how you can access our dividend research:

  1. Gold members get access to current dividend yields
    1. on the My Portfolio Page – for all stocks in their portfolio
    2. in all standard company reports
    3. in the Stock Screener.
  2. Platinum & higher members also get access to our
    1. Safest Dividend Yields Model Portfolio and
    2. Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio.
  3. Institutional members also get access to these new metrics
    1. Dividend Increases in the Last Decade and
    2. Consecutive Years of Dividend Increases

in Company Valuation models, the Dynamic Data screener and custom reports.

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