Dividend Increases in the Last Decade

Metrics are only as good as the data that drive them. The best fundamental data in the world drives our metrics. Here’s proof from some of the most respected public & private institutions in the world.

Dividend Increases in the Last Decade equals the number of years, within the past ten, that the recurring dividend payment has increased from the prior year. Unlike Consecutive Years of Dividend Increases, this metric only looks at the number of years a company increased its dividend, even if not in succession.

For example, a company that raises it dividend in years 1-5 but maintains in years 6-10, will show “5” years for Dividend Increases in the Last Decade.

A company’s true dividend payment track record, or even a stock’s current dividend yield, can be skewed by a number of corporate actions such as special dividends, variable dividends, suspended dividends, or change in payment frequency. We leverage our Robo-Analyst technology to provide a cleaner, truer measure of dividends for all of our dividend metrics.

When combined with other metrics, such as economic earnings, free cash flow, and Consecutive Years of Dividend Increases, investors get a better sense of the safety and growth potential for a firm’s dividend.

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