Since inception on 11/3/17, our Focus List Stocks: Long has underperformed the S&P 500 by 9.4% as a long portfolio (up 3.5% while the S&P 500 is up 12.9%).

Our Focus List Stocks: Long is an equal-weighted Model Portfolio of our best Long Ideas and is designed for investors who are focused on long-term capital appreciation. We choose the stocks for this Model Portfolio based on our Robo-Analyst’s[1]  assessment of a firm’s true return on invested capital (ROIC)[2], core earnings, and economic earnings as well as qualitative insights from our analyst team. As always, we leverage our superior measure of core earnings based on our “novel dataset” of footnotes disclosures, as demonstrated in the Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan paper, “Core Earnings: New Data and Evidence.”

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    2 replies to "Focus List Stocks: Long – Update 5/21/20"

    • Azzy Reckess

      1. Is there a phone number that I can call to learn how to navigate best your site?

      2. Can you specify on your monthly most attractive stocks the share price of each stock?

      3.When the report for may 2020 came on 5.5.20 does it means that the new additions are recommended as of that day or as of May 1st ? .

    • David Trainer

      Hi Azzy:
      Thanks for your comment!!
      1. Please email questions to – once we see the specific of what you’re asking, we can get you on the phone with someone, if needed.
      2. The price is the the closing price for the day before the report is published to clients. We are not allowed to re-distribute prices in mass by the exchanges.
      3. Recommendations are as of the day the report is published.

      Thank you!

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