We can quickly and easily create custom reports for clients.

We deliver the reports with the data/analysis you request as often as you request.

Custom Report Samples:

1. Rating change alerts

2. Custom portfolio/watchlist review and report

3. Custom ETF report

4. All ratings on 10,000+ stocks, ETFs and mutual funds

5.  Our top ideas report

6.  Custom report on Attractive stocks

To get a custom report, email us with:

1. The data points you want

2. When/how you want the report delivered

We can start delivery within a week of request or sooner.


    2 replies to "New Constructs’ Offerings: Custom Reports"

    • John O'Connor


      Please provide a telephone number where I can cotact you regarding a subscription to your service.

      Very truly yours,

      John O’Connor

    • David Trainer

      Mr. O’Connor,

      So sorry for the delayed response. Here is the link to request a subscription:


      David Trainer

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