New Data Points For Clients

Below is a list of new data points in our Dynamic Data Screener and company models.

Trading Data

  1. Average 30-day dollar volume
  2. Days to trade (based on $40 million position goal)

Dividend Data

  1. Dividend yield
  2. Consecutive years of dividend growth
  3. Number of years of dividend growth

Fundamental Data               

  1. 3-year average ROIC
  2. 3-year average NOPAT
  3. 3-year average Invested Capital
  4. GAAP-based ROIC
  5. GAAP-based NOPAT
  6. GAAP-based Invested Capital
  7. Return on Gross Invested Capital (ROGIC)
  8. Gross NOPAT
  9. Gross Invested Capital

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