The popularity of dividend-focused investing remains on the upswing as more investors approach retirement age and more people come around to the view that low long-term interest rates are here to stay. With the S&P 500 offering dividend income comparable to the interest income from a ten-year treasury bond, investors are substituting dividend paying stocks into portfolios where bonds once resided.

As a natural extension of our dividend-focused research, which includes the Safest Dividend Yields model portfolio, we have created the Dividend Growth Stocks model portfolio. This model portfolio is designed for investors who are more focused on long-term capital appreciation than current income, but still appreciate the power of dividends, especially growing dividends.

The Dividend Growth Stocks model portfolio will be updated monthly and consists of 30 stocks across the market cap and investment-style spectrum, effectively mimicking an all-cap blend portfolio with a focus on dividend growth. Selected stocks will earn our Attractive or Very Attractive rating, offer a high quality current dividend yield, and have a track record of consistent dividend growth supported by strong free cash flow.

*This Model Portfolio is free to all Platinum or higher members. Please login to access this report.

    2 replies to "New Model Portfolio: Dividend Growth Stocks"

    • sue pistol

      Unsure how this works. Is it a model for a “plug” in symbol with annual access to any dividend research?

    • Matt Shuler


      Our Dividend Growth Model Portfolio is a curated list of 30 stocks we deliver to Platinum-or-higher members every month. All of our model portfolios can be purchased a la carte as well here.

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